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who are we:

Jeffery Laine is the founder and creative director behind Asterix Studio. His aesthetic is informed by a decade of adventures to far-off corners of the world like Hokkaido and Tasmania. He is joined by Andrea Bertossi who heads up the administrative side of the business. Headquartered in Toronto, Asterix Studio partners with design-driven companies within Canada and internationally. 

Frustrated by the cookie-cutter logos created by digital design factories, Asterix Studio was established as an antidote. Our process begins with the goal of really understanding the desired outcome for each client and company we partner with. We focus on the initial research and iteration until a unified brand identity emerges. The result? Individualized design that works.

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A matchbook being held in someone's hand that reads: Shapes, letters and ideas for today's creative problems.


Express your brand’s unique voice through all aspects of design. A partnership is established between the client and our designers who bring this vision into fruition. Our research-intensive process helps develop a brand strategy that tells your story in a visual way. Your brand narrative is communicated through design and our expertise helps position you at the forefront of competitors in your industry.

INCLUDES: Brand Positioning, Competitor Analysis

Beyond just a logo, a brand’s identity is defined by the way tangible elements look and feel. Cohesive visual elements insure that customers recognize your brand’s identity at every touchpoint. Logos, colours, typefaces, and slogans all comprise the feel of your brand.

INCLUDES: Logo Design, Logo Refreshes, Brand Guidelines, Merchandise & Apparel, Stationery & Collateral, Flyers & Brochures

From characters to original artwork and logos, illustration works alongside graphic design as part of our larger visual toolkit. We use illustration in brand strategies, as part of mural installations or as single commissioned artworks. Illustration helps tech companies communicate complex services through visuals and animations.

INCLUDES: Editorial Images, Spot Illustrations, Wall Murals, Character Design, Animations, Book & Cover Design

Custom and carefully crafted letters evoke your brand’s identity. Unique lettering sets your brand apart from those using a stock font. We create letterforms as unique as your business offering. Lettering can be applied to signage and maps or can be illustrated and animated to tell a full story.

INCLUDES: Signage & Wayfinding, Custom Fonts

Murals relate to your audience on another level. External wall art can communicate what a business is about to the outside world in a quick, visual way. Wall art compliments branding overhauls and adds cohesion to the entire customer experience.

INCLUDES: Painted Imagery & Abstract Designs, Indoor Acrylic Murals, Outdoor Spraypaint Pieces, Abatement Murals, Canvas, Chalk Art & Menus, Sign Painting

We judge products by their packaging the same way we judge books by their covers. If your package design doesn’t create consumer desire, you’re leaving money on the table.

INCLUDES: Food Packaging, Craft Beer Labels, Digital Mockups

Compliment your brand’s digital presence with eye-catching analog marketing material. Print campaigns address targeted advertising needs like product launches and events.

INCLUDES: Poster Design, Flyers & Brochures, Leaflets & Magazines, Window Displays, Billboards

A strong social presence is a requirement for growth in today’s digital landscape. Digital content creation of images and ads fosters engagement that keeps your brand relevant.

INCLUDES: Instagram Posts and Stories, Facebook Campaign Design, Infographics, Newsletter Design, Marketing Collateral, Website Banners, eBooks, White Papers