Additive Polymers

Services Provided: Branding Strategy & Refresh, Packaging

Additive Polymers came to us looking for a brand refresh that helped convey their positioning within the 3D-printing industry. We were inspired by the work they’ve done to serve the automotive, aerospace and product development sectors.

3D printing enables the production of complex shapes using less material than traditional manufacturing methods. It’s a fast-moving industry driven by human innovation. And most recently, Additive Polymers has been engineering alongside hospitals and hospitality businesses to develop COVID-19 products that will keep employees and patrons safe. 

We wanted to create a more humanistic brand for Additive Polymers that spoke to their creative side, while still serving a tech-savvy and advanced image.

Blue, grey and black images of the Additive Polymers product catalogue

Transforming tech-forward manufacturing capacities into a brand that’s still approachable for customers.

White text of the letter A over a black background in Basis Grotesque Bold font
White text of the letter A over a black background in Pressura Pro Mono Light font
Light and dark blue, light and dark grey colours depicted on branding guidelines

Our Approach

Our goal was to project Additive Polymers’ technical production capacities without neglecting its relatable and customer-centric values. The brand wordmark was reworked from all-caps into sentence case in order to convey a more restrained feel. We went with a more vibrant and approachable blue for the Additive Polymers’ primary brand colour.

Branding Guidelines were developed to create a voice for the company’s multiple products, including filament boxes, filament rolls, data sheets, and a soon-to-be website. Lines were put in place to break up text-heavy info sheets and grids were used to give structure. Photography direction is intended to provide more intrigue to balance out the darker elements of Additive Polymers’ branding.

Bright blue and white business card for Additive Polymers. Reads: Matthew McGuinness
Blue and white binder includes a Technical Data Sheet for 3D printing
Bright blue polo shirt with a geometric A logo atop the breast
A 3D printer in use making something with orange plastic
Black spools of 3D printing plastic
Bright blue and black box packaging for an Additive Polymers spool

Conveying Additive Polymers’ ability to improve efficiencies in a visually welcoming way.

A geometric letter A in white overtop of a blue background

Services Provided: Branding Strategy & Refresh, Packaging